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We understand how important it is to identify and eliminate problems quickly. We work hard to provide high-quality hotline service. We use our software in our daily work with our customers, and our support team has technical as well as practical skills based on real experience. Most problems are solved "on the spot," and this is why we are able to charge optimal prices.


Type of contract                                              Price, excl. VAT
 Hotline Support for Simple Version 199,00  € per 4 h/licence
 Hotline Support for Server Version  800,00 € per 10 h/licence

Our support team speaks English, French and Dutch.

The telephone numbers:

For Belgium: + 32 9 222 51 41

For France: + 33 1 79 97 90 97

Our working hours:10 AM to 6 PM GMT, Monday through Friday

Note: Please be ready to provide your registration name and serial number (first 6 digits of your license number, which you can find in your registration letter or in the program) to the operator for identification purposes.