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Simply install 4ASoft Server Version on a dedicated computer and upload your databases to the server. You and your team will instantly realize how fast and easy it is to access your databases 24/7, schedule automated backups, find information, and much more!


Package                                                                                        Price, excl. VAT
Package for 5 Users 6499,00 €
One more extra license for more than 5 Users 1349,00 €
Package 10 Users 10499,00 €
One more extra license for more than 10 Users 1149,00 €

Package includes one FileMaker Server Version license, and 4ASoft “All in One” license with FileMaker Pro 9 for each workstation.

The bundled FileMaker licenses doesn't grant to upgrade to another FileMaker version, it only grants the right to upgrade to the next 4ASoft version.

Adaptation to special needs.

Because our software is very flexible with lots of feature, it will automatically meet the needs of many different types of business. In addition, we are able to adapt the software to any specific business by creating customized reports, functions and templates.

Our methodology.

  1. We gather the necessary information regarding your individual business and your requirements.

  2. We analyze the current situation of your enterprise (sales, support, supplies, and other operations).

  3. We prepare a presentation with your data and show you the areas where your business can be improved and you can reduce costs with customized or automated processes.

  4. Together we approve a work-schedule.

Our highly professional consultants are always happy to help you. Contact us for further information.