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4ASoft Agenda, new contact management freeware for Mac and Windows

The SPRL Architektura announces the launch of its free, new contacts management software, 4ASoft Agenda. With this software it is possible to easily manage your personnel schedules, plan the collaborative work timetables and even follow the progress and costs incurred of a client’s project. 
4ASoft Agenda allows you to import the contacts from excel, csv, vcard file or other electronic medium. The software can search for the data on the internet or in the files of an electronic telephone book using the name of the contact or their telephone number. An intelligent algorithm will find the identical contacts and offer to delete the duplicates.











 With the help of the internet, 4ASoft Agenda will locate all your contacts on a geographical map and you can contact them directly using Skype or another VoIP.

You may add multiple logins for your colleagues or assistants in order to assign their tasks and to record every action of a particular project. It is possible to print the personnel or collaborative schedules, if needed. This will give you a clear view of the duties and activities in the enterprise.
4ASoft Agenda gives you an accurate control over the invoicing of your projects.  The built-in reports will assist you to precisely control every aspect of this.
4ASoft Agenda is now available and can be downloaded from www.4asoft.com. The software is completely free and does not contain spyware or adware. It is compatible with Windows and Mac.  Try out 4Asoft Agenda right now!  
 About Architektura Ltd.
 Since 1994, Architektura Ltd has been developing ready-made solutions for SMEs and self-employed individuals using the Filemaker software suite, one of the most widely used databases.
The 4Asoft management solutions offer complex, one-of-a-kind projects at highly competitive prices for anyone who wish to benefit from cutting-edge technology, discover new business horizons and stay one step ahead of the competition.