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New range of management solutions for SME

Architektura ltd. has just released its new range of management solutions for SMEs, called «4ASoft».
It consists of the following software packages: 4ASoft Agenda, 4ASoft Contacts, 4ASoft Commerce, 4ASoft Stock, 4ASoft Production, 4ASoft Accounting and 4ASoft e-Commerce. These have been designed specifically for the European market, are up to date with all the latest demands and can be used in network or stand-alone. They are both Windows and Mac compatible. All are available right now on www.4asoft.com.






Among its standard features, 4ASoft solutions enable you:

• easy communications with your foreign contacts thanks to its multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-company support system. Every contact will receive documents such as invoices, tenders, reminders and letters in its native language. At the moment, every 4Asoft software package has been translated into nine different languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Polish, German and Russian). Furthermore, you may add or edit documents yourself, simply by translating or by editing a word list.
• to meet the requirements of your profession, as the software packages are highly flexible. 4Asoft’s solutions allow you to add features and reports, create or edit documents according to your personal preferences as well as fine-tune the features according to your personal requirements.
• an evolution based on the needs of your company: with the modular price-structure your initial investment can be quite low. At any time, you may upgrade your current version by adding the features required one by one, and you will only pay the difference.
• to lower computer-costs as installation and training-time remains minimal.
Technical support and other services
Architektura ltd. offers phone-support at reasonable rates as well as completely free of charge animated tutorials which can be consulted on the website www.4asoft.com. These tutorials will teach you the basics to operate the software. You may also participate in on-line seminars where you can ask questions, discover new features and much more.
The Architektura ltd. software engineers can also install and configure your server version and/or import all your data correctly, thus ensuring smooth sailing from the very start.
About Architektura ltd.
Since 1994, Architektura ltd. has been developing «ready-made» solutions for SMEs and self-employed individuals, using the Filemaker software suite, one of the most widely used databases.
The 4Asoft management solutions offer complex, one-of-a-kind projects at highly competitive prices for anyone who wishes to benefit from the cutting edge of technology, discover new business horizons and stay one step ahead of the competition.
Press info:
Architektura ltd. represented  by Alexandra Milo,
Website: www.4asoft.com