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4ASoft Shop Go: commerce management on iPad.

We are happy to annouce the launch of our new management software for iPad known as 4ASoft Shop Go.

With a simple interface, adapted to the iPad touch screen, this software allows  to manage the contact list, take orders, check the stock and send the order confirmation via email or to the printer.

Many shops and commercial agents are struggling to establish a good tool for product presentation and ordering with a connection to the stock . With 4ASoft Shop Go, the pictures of products can be uploaded with descriptions and prices and be zoom in on the beautiful iPad screen for further details.

In addition, the software has functions essential for a successful and quick sale. For example, all products have up to date description and stock availability for an immediate order confirmation. The back-office gathers the orders and organizes the deliveries. It is also possible to send the confirmation to the customer email or print it.

"Today, many businesses are seeking opportunities to increase sales and present the product in uncommon way
with instant order managing while reducing the high cost of catalogs. To fill this gap we developed 4ASoft Shop Go which allows information to flow smoothly between the iPad application and the back-office. Our customers successfully use it at fairs, showrooms or warehouse. "- says Michel Hennequin, SEO, BVBA Architektura.

The price and availability. 

4ASoft Shop Go is installed on the iPad and costs 949EUR ex. VAT for the first licence and 149 euro ex. VAT for additional licences. To establish the back-office to the PC or MAC, you need a 4ASoft Stock licence whose price is also 949 Euro ex. VAT. 
4ASoft Stock can handle up to 8 connected iPads.